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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  February 21, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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we've worked together for over 20 years trying to work on my mechanics and nail those down. he's always calling and texting and saying get your shoulder down and get your arm up and close your left side. >> a mentor and a friend till the end. tonight, bay area sports fans are mourning the sudden death of tom martinez. the hall of fame coach that helped make tom brady and many others the athletes they are today. good evening, everyone. >> i'm raj mathai. football star tom brady is returning to his hometown on thursday, but instead of a joyful celebration at his old high school, his visit will be filled with sorrow. thousands of athletes are mourning the death of their coach, tom martinez. his battle was well-documented on the national stage, but his heart and passion was felt locally. joining us from redwood city tonight, good evening, george.
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>> reporter: good evening, raj. very sad news for those close to coach tom martinez, dying on his 66th birthday. tonight we talked with his former boss, athletic director gary deely here in redwood city. >> it's a very sad day for us all. tom martinez was really the incarnation of bulldog athletics. >> reporter: tom martinez leaves behind a history of success at the college of san mateo, unparalleled in california college community history. a total of 1,400 wins and 32 championships. >> his reputation grew nationally because of his expertise with coaching quarterbacks and preparing athletes for the next level, as they say. >> reporter: one of those quarterbacks is tom brady of the new england patriots. he met coach martinez when he was just 13 years old. brady looked up to him as a mentor and father figure and
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after he won his first game as the patriot's starting quarterback, brady's father gave coach martinez something special. >> i want to give you the game ball, yeah, my son is tom brady, and he wants coach to have the game ball. so i mean that's pretty big. >> reporter: but it was the coach who found himself in need of help. just weeks before the super bowl, brady pleaded for help for his mentor on his facebook. >> tom, you know, obviously, is a great friend of mine and has been for a long time. >> reporter: a way of giving back to a man who helped shape him on and off the field. while waiting for the kidney transplant, coach martinez died tuesday, the same day he turned 66. he taught his players to fight hard, and that's what coach did with his life until the end. >> absolutely, he's a legend and we'll never forget the contributions he made here.
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>> reporter: now we just received a statement from paul duley, they were trying to find a donor match for coach martinez. part of the statement reads as such, "he didn't just touch your life, he became part of the rest of your life. every time you talked to him, you carried away something you would never forget, his friendship." live in redwood city, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, george. why wasn't more done to save an elderly man being beaten in front of his home. those questions resinating tonight from the neighborhood where it happened all the way to city haul. nbc bay area cheryl herd joins us live in berkeley with some of those potential answers. >> reporter: well, jessica, there was a lot going on that day, the day that it all happened. there was an occupy protest marching from oakland to berkley, so police had their hands full. now we're finding out that the
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suspect has been diagnosed with a mental illness, according to his parents and neighbors. >> he would just show up at the door, and he'd say, you know, got any food? >> reporter: he lived next door to the 23-year-old former alameda high school football player, and he told me he can't believe dewitt is facing murder charges. >> i said you're welcome in our home as long as somebody's home. that was any of the kids, and i -- he's just sweet. >> reporter: sweet but it was not a secret his neighbor had a documented mental illness. he says dewitt's parents say their son suffers from schizophrenia. now he's accused of beating 67-year-old peter sucore to death saturday night in his driveway. >> the citizens of berkeley deserve public safety service
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24/7. >> reporter: she wants answers about police response to the home. according to a just-released time line, at 8:45 p.m., the department received a report of an unknown person hanging around. at 9:00 p.m., the officer offered to respond, the offer was denied, the reason unclear. two minutes later, berkeley police got a call of an attack in progress. >> we've lost a terrific community member. he was a wonderful man, and then we have this young man, who's suffering from mental illness and not apparently getting the help that he needs, and that is also tragic. and now he's a murderer. >> reporter: dewitt will be in court tomorrow facing that murder charge. live in berkeley, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. tonight they've locked down their goats, horses, and other animals in los altos hills.
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this after a surprise visit from a mountain lion. only on stanbc bay area, the vi of the big cat spotted in the backyard tree of a local family. needless to say, it was a shocking sight for the home owner this morning. the family's german shephard chased the lion down the tree. the lion eventually took off into the wild. >> i called all of my neighbors who were home and called and we alerted everybody around, and went out and checked my goats again. i'm planning to put them in their barn tonight. i have a locked barn for them. >> reporter: that's what he did. he thinks the mountain lion attacked and killed two goats two years ago, that's why tonight he's taking extra precautions. pension reform has been at center stage after an nbc bay area investigation that revealed city officials may have used inflated retirement costs it
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sell a fiscal disaster. the manager's office is recommending the city council soften some of the language in the ballot measure scheduled to go before voters in june. council members will take up the issue during their march 6th meeting. proposed revised ballot measure is a critical step towards reducing retirement costs. the mardi gras celebration has a chaperon. there are temporary no-parking rules in place and tow trucks are plenty busy. past celebrations have gotten out of hand, so towing cars may protect them from damage. with police and patrol cars on motorcycles and bicycles, party goers say it's going to be an early night. >> i think it's precautionary on their part, which is okay. i understand the reason for it happening. at the same time, again, i think if you see safety equipment, you think danger.
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if there's danger, i probably want to stay home. >> there's no organized event in downtown san jose, but in years past, you might know mardi gras has been a problem. so far tonight, there are more police officers than party goers. no charges will be filed against a bart police officer who killed a knife-wielding homeless man on a bart platform. san francisco da found the transit officer acted lawfully and in self defense when he shot and killed charles hill last year. the death triggered outrage and sparked a round of protesters on bart. a civil case is still moving forward against the officer. berkeley is leading the way among bay area cities to bring more awareness to cyclists on our streets. an ordinance gives bicyclists to take specific civil action against drivers who may harass or assault them. if the judge favors a bicyclist in a civil case, drivers may end
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up paying $1,000 attorneys fees and other potential damages. the ordinance will do more good when it comes to preventing accidents too. >> not all motorists are behaving this way, but some do. they don't know bicyclists are legally entitled to be in the roadway and it's not only safer for thecyclist, but for the motorist to be there. >> los angeles is the first city in the nation to adopt that kind of an ordinance. when we return, red light cameras may soon be a thing of the past in california. >> they want to make sure the general public doesn't have a clear picture of what is actually going on. >> the nbc bay area investigative unit uncovered hundreds of close calls involving airplanes at our three major airports. tonight, what the faa is still not doing to protect your safety and prevent disaster. could it be? why doctors may soon start
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prescribing viagra to kids. good evening, i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center, cloud cover still lingering around, but it still was warm enough today for some record-setting heat in santa rosa. as for tomorrow, even warmer across the south bay. we'll let you know whenha have widespr ead records coming up in just a few minutes. ea
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last night the nbc bay area investigative unit uncovered airplanes getting too close in the skies above the bay area. >> what's being done about it? >> last night, those incidents were uncovered and our steven stock was here to explain what
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happened. >> jessica, raj, we found this report just released a little more than a month ago, which calls the faa to task for not properly monitoring and overseeing the training of pilots for commercial airlines. and, of course, that directly impacts your safety.t, you are watching real radar images of what's known among pilots as an nmac. >> turn left and descend immediately. you have traffic on your right. >> a near mid-air collision. >> descend immediately. >> at those speeds, the radar dots representing two jets merge within seconds. >> looks like he's descending also. >> a few seconds later, one of the jets has another close call with a second large jet. it all happened in the skies over denver. >> you blink, you miss it. it happens that quickly.
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>> ken edwards should know. while flying for a regional carrier several years ago, edwards almost collided with an airline he could not see. >> we were being told very loudly by this voice we were about to collide with another aircraft. >> near mid-air collisions happen more often than most people realize around the countranun around thed bay area. we tracked nmac conflicts and official faa incidents here in the bay area dating back to 2000. more than 1,000 different events in all. >> there are more of these situations that take place than the public has an awareness of. >> gabe spent 28 years with the faa. >> the faa has made an effort to try to hide these numbers in the past. >> but take a look at this. we found this inspector generals report, a report that raises serious questions about the faa's overseeing of the training and performance of pilots, pilots who have to deal with close calls between airplanes. the report says the faa has "not
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implemented initiatives with the greatest potential to improve safety." >> the culture in the faa is one of let's keep things quiet, don't rock the boat. >> perhaps most troubling, the report says the faa does not have procedures in place to "prevent two pilots in remedial training programs from being paired together during scheduled commercial flights." pilots who must make split-second life and death decisions. >> the way the faa goes about it, they want to make sure the general public doesn't have a clear picture of what is actually going on. >> for its part, the faa says it has addressed some of these problems. in an e-mailed statement, the faa says "it uses a rigorous data-driven oversight system for all aspects of aviation safety, including pilot training and proficiency." the new training rule will address whether controls will be in place to prevent pilots from being paired together.
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>> that should never happen. >> pilot ken edwards says pairing inexperienced pilots or pilots who fail multiple proficiency tests can be a dangerous problem if the wrong two pilots end up in the same cockpit. >> i've had experiences where you go straight from training to flying with a very immature pilot, who has very bad habits. >> how is that a bad thing? >> if you're cutting corners when you first become a pilot because the people you're flying with are cutting corners, chances are you could do the same thing. that could eventually cost lives easily. >> now we also found in this report that the faa does not provide airlines with full access to a pilot's background checks and flying history, so the airlines cannot adequately evaluate a pilot's competency. the inspector generals office also tells us the faa's response to this falls short on several critical safety issues.
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they've asked for further action and explanations from congress. during the course of our investigation, as you can see, we've gathered a lot of data, a lot of interviews, a lot of extra stuff. you can find all of that in a special page on our web page. go to nbc bay area and search for "close calls." you can find it there. lots of good stuff there. >> changes coming soon, do you think? >> we believe so. congress is watching this issue very closely and there may be more movement to fix this problem. >> thank you, steven. if you want something to let us know, e-mail us at the apparently it's not just for men, the benefits of viagra could go beyond the bedroom. that little blue pill may be just what the doctor ordered for children.
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>> reporter: viagra, the little blue pill, known to treat erectile dysfunction, is one medication parents try to keep out of reach of children, but now doctors are intentionally giving kids viagra. dr. al lane first used viagra on an infant girl whoeerev h sever malformation with growths that wrapped around her heart. it caused high blood pressure involving her lungs, a condition viagra is known to treat. but if you look at the mri of the child, you see another benefit. >> over about 12, 13 months, it looked like the malformation went away. you could not see it on an mri. >> dr. lane went on to treat three more patients with viagra. these pictures show a dramatic reduction of a growth on the back. dr. lane reported his findings and is now beginning clinical trials to see if other children may benefit.
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he says the dose of viagra given to kids is a fraction of what adults take, and so far the drug has shown few side effects. for now, the blue pill destined for the bedroom, is giving hope to children with few options. in palo alto, nbc bay area news. >> dr. lane says because of his findings, doctors across the nation are also losing viagra to treat children suffering from malformations. let's bring in jeff ranieri as we head in towards the mid-week part. the warm up, i believe. >> big-time warm up, get your cars washed, shorts out, it's going to be that kind of weather. numbers dropping already in the 40s in napa, 52 in livermore, still low-level moisture left over. patchy fog in the north and east bay. warmer wednesday with widespread 70s and numbers drop yet again. back into some winter weather, but right now, all signs of any
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kind of major storm, we're talking thousands of miles out here in the pacific, that's right up into alaska. for us, still all about high pressure that's not only been with us the past couple of days, but for a lot of winter. in fact, in santa rosa, we have had nine days at 70 degrees and/or warmer and tomorrow looks like it's going to be the tenth day with high pressure offshore. not only this dome of warm air we've been talking about, but along the back side we're talking about some winds drying out of the northwest that will crank up about 15 to 30 miles per hour, that's going to bring temperatures about 10 to 15 degrees above where we should be. we're looking at a potential of more widespread records even continuing into thursday. as for tomorrow, we will top out at records, looks like this, concord, santa rosa, livermore, napa, hayward. we could shatter some of those numbers into santa rosa and also for concord. as for the morning, we'll start
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off with low 40s in napa valley. on your wednesday, numbers will go warmer with widespread low 70s right into evergreen, breezy across the hill tops, right across the east bay hills, anywhere from about 20 to 30 miles per hour and around mid-70s throughout pleasanton, alamo. close to 70 here in and throughout the bay and back to the peninsula, 70 in san mateo and 74 expected in santa rosa. three-day forecast, we keep it dry through friday. numbers start to gradually go down by friday, but you'll still need the spf if you're headed outside. saturday and sunday, the cloud cover starts to increase. of course, by the weekend we start to get these numbers cooling, then by monday and tuesday, the clouds also still stream in, numbers start to drop. by monday, big-time changes,
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upper 50s inland, but even here's the big problem, clouds coming in, temperatures cooling, no big rain drops. this is unbelievable. not what we should be having as many of you know. >> thank you, jeff. when we come back, the white house sings the including s, including a surprise performance from the president. ♪
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it is time to start thinking hot dog and popcorn, because baseball is in the air. henry wofford joins us live from the comcast sportsnet newsroom. spring training already? >> absolutely, jessica, i'm trying to stop midnight snacks and you're bringing up food. thanks very much for doing that, by the way. since storming on to the scene in 2007, tim lincecum has two cy youngs and led his team to a world championships. our jaymee sire has more from the desert. >> reporter: as we're on one of the side fields on tuesday morning, we noticed tim lincecum coming on to the field a little bit earlier than usual. he threw for a few minutes and then left the field. we were told later he received treatment on a sore lower back, but the giants do not seem worried about it. >> just stiffness, general
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stiffness, pretty normal thing in spring training standing out here and doing some baseball activities, you know, players up on a lot of players, that's how we're looking at this now. he had this last year, general stiffness in the back. wilson did, you know, few guys, mine's stiff right now to be honest, but i think timmy's going to be fine. >> reporter: speaking of pitchers, ryan vogelsong was back in the giant's clubhouse on tuesday after being sent home on monday due to illness. he said he feels much better. jaymee sire reporting for nbc bay area. >> thank you, jaymee. marc-edouard vlasic in action. rick nash wrister makes it 3-0. 4-1 in the second. logan couture cuts the lead to
11:28 pm
4-2 with his 26th of the season, but ryane clowe loses his cool, and columbus takes care of it, 6-3, is your final. as we mentioned at the top of the newscast, we end on a very sad note, tom martinez, mentor of patriot's quarterback tom brady has reportedly passed away due to complications of diabetes and cancer. martinez served as head coach of the college of san mateo football until 2005. today was his 66th birthday. our condolences to his family and ndes j wsicabeill htig s.j and jesca sil beilight r back after the break. ck
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finally tonight, president obama literally sings the blues at the white house. ♪ ♪ come on, baby don't you want to go ♪ >> not bad.
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the commander in chief sings the blues with legend b.b. king at the white house. the president belts out several bars of "sweet home chicago" in front of the first lady and a lively audience. mick jager was also there performing, so we know he can sing, but does he have the moves like jager? >> al greene a few weeks ago, now b.b. king. >> karaoke at the white house. >> i thought you were going to say does he have moves like raj. >> not me, not me. >> one quick check of the weather. >> warming up more tomorrow, record highs wednesday and thursday. if we can't get the rain, this is some great weather, at least for february standards, then things cool down sunday, monday, and tuesday of next week, but fantastic for wednesday. >> very nice. maybe we can close on the president. have a great night. >> good night. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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